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Weekly Hangman Competitions
€1.000 Euros Jackpot €10.000 Jackpot €100.000 Jackpot
€1,000 Jackpot €10,000 Jackpot €100,000 Jackpot

The Hangman Phrase Competition

The "The Hangman Phrase Competition" is Matrix 5x3 Hangman Weekly Competition. When you purchase one of the three Annual Memberships above, Matrix 5x3 pays you commissions when you invite at least 5 people to compete with you in a multilevel system that pays 3 levels down, this way you earn money even if you lose in the competions!

You can compete to win each week the Jackpot Prizes during the one year subscription and also receive the commissions when your Personal Network is completed.

To participate to win one of the three Jackpot Prizes, Matrix 5x3 uses the famous hangman game for members to try to guess a short phrase before hanging. The competitor has 6 opportunities before hanging.

Competitors who manage to impose a record time in each of the 12 short phrases with the fewest mistakes while choosing the letters are the winners of each of the short phrases that the player manages to impose the record in. However, the best record imposed is the overall record in the 12 phrases and the only winner of the competition.

The competitor who manages to keep his/her record in each of the 3 Annual Membership Levels until the end of each Competition’s session is the winner of the Matrix 5x3 Jackpot Award corresponding to that Level.

When a competitor makes a record, the game asks him/her to register the user name registered in MATRIX 5x3 database and his/her record is recorded in our database. The member with the best record at the end of the Competition’s session is assigned the corresponding Matrix 5x3 Jackpot Award assigned in
"The Hangman Phrase Competition".

Matrix 5x3 presents the complete list of short phrases for full transparency to give the Matrix 5x3 Competitors an equal chance of winning. The odds to win are 1 in 12 only and it all depends on how fast you are to click on the characters that form the short phrase!

There is one competition every week. Paid Members can play every week during their one year subscription with the purchased Credits that last 24 hours each.

Purchase Credits Here

Competitors must purchase one of the Annual Memberships to receive the Matrix 5x3 automatic commissions for inviting other competitors to join the competitions. Then, if they wish to, they must buy the credits to compete for the Jackpot Awards to be able to claim the Jackpot Award for each competition. Winning Competitors will be able to claim the prize cash or in Matrix 5x3 Units that can exchange for money later.

A common strategy competitors do to earn all the commissions and Matrix 5x3 Units, is to purchase the Standard Membership first for €46 Euros. Then, when their Personal Network is completed, they purchase the Intermediate Membership with the Matrix 5x3 payment they receive and invite the same 5 people to continue the process. Finally, when they get paid the commission from the Intermediate Membership Matrix 5x3 Commission Payment, they purchase the Premium Membership to earn the final Premium Membership Matrix 5x3 Commission Payment!


Matrix 5x3 Multilevel Commission Payments

If you have a product or service you want to sell, you can also use the Matrix 5x3 Multilevel Marketing Network Platform and sell it in packages with the 6 Matrix 5x3 packages values!

EACH PERSON THAT YOU AFFILIATE PAYS YOU €10, €100 AND €1,000, EUROS  (or local currency)

Matrix 5x3 complies with Colombian Law
Ley Colombiana 1700 de 2013  to promote Matrix 5x3  MLM sales system that generates high income and payments to all Matrix 5x3 Independent Sales Representatives. This way Matrix 5x3 spreads around the new Matrix 5x3 monetary system and gives wealth to all Matrix 5x3 members with the new currency they help to create.

You will receive your Matrix 5x3 Commissions
when all 3 levels in each Membership are completed in your Personal Network!

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