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"Welcome to Matrix 5x3, a world of wealth for everyone!"

Matrix 5x3 Guarantees You Get Funds Because Is
The ONLY Multilevel Crowdfunding Platform In The World!

I'm raising funds for...

... a project.
Matrix 5x3  helps empower your creative,
entrepreneurial, and passion projects.


... a cause.
Generosity, powered by Matrix 5x3,
offers fundraising for personal and nonprofit causes.


Simply fill out the form for your CrowdFunding or Fundraiser Campaign once you have made your Annual Membership Donation.
Allow  a maximum of 24 hours processing time to receive your Website Page
for your Campaign to start promoting it!

Remember your goal is to affiliate 5 Backers for just €36 Euros that support your  Idea, Project, Invention, Product or Service
and they also invite 5 Backers each into their Personal Network and that way they can also receive donations from Matrix 5x3

  • Matrix 5x3 lets you do projects to help you with your creations, entrepreneurial skills and passion for something you want to develop or do a cause to get the generosity of backers help your personal and non-profit projects.
  • Receive funds for creative, entrepreneurial, or other passion projects.
    Unlike other Crowd Funding sites, All Matrix 5x3 Crowd Funding Projects are aimed to collect €143.190 Euros per campaign. To top it up, you can create as many campaigns as you want during your one year €36 subscription!

Get €143.190 Euros Per Idea, Project, Invention, Product Or Service With Matrix 5x3

CrowdFunding Platform!

About CrowdFunding

CrowdFunding is becoming a mainstream way to raise money for fundraising ideas and small businesses! Don’t miss your opportunity!

Crowdfunding Industry 2015 Report

  • Total Global Crowdfunding Industry estimated fundraising volume in 2015: $34 Billion
    • P2P Lending $25B
    • Reward and Donation Crowdfunding: $5.5B
    • Equity Crowdfunding $2.5B
    • By Region:North America $17.2B, Asia $10.54B, Europe $6.48B, Oceania $68.6M, South America $85.74M, Africa $24.16M:
    • Growth-of-crowdfunding-2015
    • Note: Including P2P/Marketplace Lending as a form of crowdfunding really inflates these statistics, as it consists of 71% of the total, and most companies in the P2P/Marketplace Lending space would not call themselves crowdfunding. Though even without P2P included, $10Billion is still an impressive figure.
Place Any Number Of Ideas, Projects, Inventions, Products Or Services With Matrix 5x3
CrowdFunding Platform

To Receive Donations
During One Year!

Click Here To Order A Campaign Or To Become A Backer To Receive Donation Payments Today!

Just €36 euros!
PayPal Accepted And All Major Credit Cards!
Western Union And Other Payment Methods Too


Matrix 5x3 Guarantees Raising Funds 100% And For Just €36 Euros
You Get To Fund Your

CrowdFunding Campaigns

During One Year!

Crowd funding is quickly becoming the number one choice for fundraising and small business funding but it isn’t easy. Nearly two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their goal. It’s because all the media attention is on success stories with nothing about the work that goes into the crowd funding process.

That’s where Matrix 5x3 comes in as your tool to make your campaign a success!

The Two Worlds of Crowd Funding

When we talk about crowdfunding, we’re really talking about one of two distinct worlds.

  • Rewards-based crowdfunding is where supporters give money to start-up ideas or social causes. Supporters may get a ‘reward’ for their pledge but do not get any ownership in the company.
  • Equity crowdfunding is where investors put money to an idea for an ownership in the company. Until 2015, equity crowdfunding was only open to wealthy investors but has since brought this new investing tool to everyone.

Matrix 5x3 The ONLY
Multilevel CrowdFunding Site 
That Pays Backers!


Click Here To Order A Campaign Or To Become A Backer To Receive Donation Payments Today!

Just €36 euros!
PayPal Accepted And All Major Credit Cards!
Western Union And Other Payment Methods Too


The Matrix 5x3 multilevel system allows Companies and Individuals to promote Crowdfunding Campaigns for one single payment of €36 Euros (or equivalent in local currency) a year.  Each crowdfunding campaign receives a total of three automatic donation packages of:

Standard Package Donation: €1.290 Euros minus €360 euros for second level.
Intermediate Package Donation: €12.900 Euros minus €3.600 euros for third level.

Premium Package Donation: €129.000 Euros and that´s it!

The way to promote their crowdfunding campaign by Companies or Individuals in the Matrix 5x3 Multilevel System Crowdfunding Platform is by offering all their backers the opportunity to get paid 3 automatic donation packages for only €36 Euros (or equivalent in local currency). The backer is also able to enrol 5 backers in the Matrix 5x3 Marketing Network and the 5 backers also enrol 5 backers each to also enter Matrix 5x3 Marketing Network thus forming a Marketing Crowdfunding Network that benefits all its members.

Your primary job is to affiliate at least 5 backers to your own Personal Network to offer the Matrix 5x3 Multilevel Marketing Crowdfunding Network Platform. In this way, your Personal Network grows efficiently and you and your backers receive additional instantaneous donation payments.

Total Donations Paid By Matrix 5x3 To Each Member

Standard Donation: €1.290 Euros Minus Payment related costs and €360 euros for second level automatic subscription.
Intermediate Donation: €12.900 Euros Minus Payment related costs and €3.600 euros for third level automatic subscription.
Premium Donation: €129.000 Euros Minus Payment related costs and that´s it!

Matrix 5x3 provides each Business or Individual and all its Backers a Website Page so you can promote your Crowdfunding Campaign and watch 24 hours a day the progress of your Crowdfunding Campaign, improve performance and also know when you will receive your donation payments See Demo Campaign Page (you can do it in other languages too)See Progress  Donation Page Level 1 See Progress  Donation Page Level 2 See Progress  Donation Page Level 3   

Just Invite 5 People
To Become Your Backers
For €36 Euros
And We Pay Them For Bringing
5 Backers To Your Campaing!

Click Here To Order A Campaign Or To Become A Backer To Receive Donation Payments Today!

Just €36 euros!
PayPal Accepted And All Major Credit Cards!
Western Union And Other Payment Methods Too


You will receive your Donations
when all 3 levels in each Membership are completed in your CrowdFunding Campaign!


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