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"Welcome to Matrix 5x3, a world of wealth for everyone!"
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Invite 5 people to generate €143.190 Euros!

Compensation Plan - "The Fortune Network"

Own a Home-Based Business with Little Risk and Unlimited Potential for Wealth

Matrix 5x3 “The Fortune Network” is structured as a multi-level marketing program, otherwise referred to as an 'MLM.'  This structure is designed to let you be our marketing and sales force. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in standard advertising methods, we pay you to invite other people to become Matrix 5x3 members and help us spread Matrix 5x3 Monetary System to change the world for the better and give wealth to everyone in this planet. This MLM structure offers you many benefits that traditional businesses can’t match.

Own your own business

You are in charge of your own destiny. Instead of making your boss rich, all the work you do actually benefits you. You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your business—not to mention excellent tax benefits.

“The Fortune Network” 

Little risk and no overhead costs.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to establish, not to mention a bank loan that will take you decades to repay. Starting your home-based business with Matrix 5x3 has a low start up cost with a high income potential. You don’t have to hire employees. You don’t have to offer benefits. You don’t have any overhead costs. It is finally possible for you to own your own business. 

No salary cap.

Corporate jobs limit your pay range based on a market standard. With Matrix 5x3, there is no cap on how much you earn. The harder you work, the more money you make.

Residual Income.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that our multi-level marketing strategy offers is lasting income. You will always earn commissions on the Distributors you introduce to Matrix 5x3, continually reaping the benefits of your hard work.

We’ve designed Matrix 5x3 for your success. There’s little risk and unlimited potential. A passion for success is all you need to achieve a level of prosperity you never thought possible.

Matrix 5x3 Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan is the automatic payment of commissions by Matrix 5x3 to all Independent Sales Representatives (Matrix 5x3 Affiliates or Members that have purchased an annual membership) for having signed up at least 5 people in his/her Matrix 5x3 affiliate program, an invitation to 5 people to purchase a Matrix 5x3 annual membership and participate in “The Fortune Network”

The automatic payments are triggered when the Independent Sales Representative matrix is fully completed with 5 members in first level, 25 members in second level and 125 members in third level as shown in the video.

The Compensation Plan payments are sent to each Independent Sales Representative that has reached automatically one of the 3 membership levels with the following amounts:

Standard Annual Membership Payment
€1.290 Euros minus Minus €290 Euros for Company Commission (Vendor Package) if there is one.
Total Payment: €1.000 Euros.

Intermediate  Annual Membership Payment
€12.900 Euros Minus €290 Euros for Company Commission (Vendor Package) if there is one.
Total Payment: €10.000 Euros.

Premium Annual Membership Payment
€129.000 Euros Minus €29.000 Euros for Company Commission (Vendor Package) if there is one.
Total Payment: €120.000 Euros.

Any additional member brought by the Independent Sales Representative to Matrix 5x3 generates more income in all his/her 3 levels.

Email:  support@matrix5x3.com

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